Reading and learning instead of blinking and beeping

Yes, I know, all those “I’ve been too busy to blog” postings are boring, so I’ll skip that part and just give you a short status update how things are going.

First of all, I haven’t been building and coding much lately, at least not for the .NET Microframework environment. Sure, I think this kind of technology is great, and I really like to have some peaces of it laying around, waiting for the next idea to become a prototype.

But the more I’ve been playing with the NETMF things, the more I learn about related technology: electronic components, sensors, chips and microcontrollers. Well, I’m exaggregating when I speak of “learning”, but I’m getting a better idea of how all those things are working internally.

On the one hand this makes it easier to understand what others are building and how their projects solved a specific problem, often in a very awesome way, on the other hand you have to get more into detail when working on own project ideas, because having an overview of available components doesn’t mean that the technological solution appears out of nothing.

To cut a long story short: electronics in general and (.NET powered) microcontrollers are just awesome and I’ll keep on playing around with it and occasionally sharing my results with you, promised.

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