Some thoughts about this blog

I’m totally aware that blog postings about (not) blogging are boring, but anyway, I’m feeling the urge to share some thoughts about blogging in general and also about what’s going on with this blog.

Not blogging just for the sake of blogging
There is no value in putting together some content just to publish a new blog posting. This is neither helpful for the (occasional) reader nor for the author. So I’ll not blog something just for putting up some content.

A month without a blog posting is not a lost month
One might spend a month or two just reading, learning or playing, without publishing a single blog post. I think this is totally fine. If you blog on a regular basis: fine. If you blog once in a while: it’s fine, too. There is no fixed timetable that you have to follow.

Not starting the posting with an apology
“I’ve been busy over the last few weeks, so I’m sorry that …” By looking at the timestamp of the blog postings it is obvious that the previous posting was published some weeks or even months ago. As said above, this has happened for a reason. If you want to talk about this reason, then feel free to do so, but you don’t need to, and I don’t think this is a lack of respect towards the reader. If you want to tie in with the last psoting, then why not start with something like “After some exciting weeks of working on XYZ / playing with XYZ / … I’ll share my thoughts / findings /… on this …”

Cutting to the chase
You can write many lines without saying anything. You can paste lots of quotes in to your post. You can sum up the obvious. But you can also skip these parts if you like and get to the point.
In my future postings I am going to focus on what I think is important; I’ll link to other good tutorials and descriptions that might be helpful. There is so much good and interesting content out there, so why copy / rewrite it instead of linking to it?

I really hope that I’ll blog more often, shorter, more to the point.

As always: feel free to contribute by commenting.

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