What about 2014++ ?

A very short review on 2014

Well, actually only about this blog ;)

While a lot has happened in tech, only very few things happened here on this blog: only one posting (excluding this one) and some comments – for which I’m very thankful, by the way.

I did not have any interesting stuff to blog about… most of the things that I’ve been working on did not evolve to a state that was worth writing about. Nevertheless I played around with some nice “peaces” of technology, and we’ll see how they can be used in future projects.

What to expect for 2015?

… according to new posting on this blog, of course ;)

Well, I will not force myself to write here just for the sake of writing. That would be boring for both you as a reader and me, too.

Instead I will focus more on projects that will probably turn out to be usable to a certain degree – this year’s code snippets and circuits were mostly proof-of-concepts in a very basic state.

Any ideas, what do YOU think?

Do you have any ideas or thoughts about technologies that are worth a look in 2015 – and why? I’d be glad to get a few comments about that, and maybe I can take a closer look.

So, see you in 2015 :)

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